Friday, November 12, 2004


greetings once again from my ipaq. or rather, from my caffeine riddled brain, via my ipaq. which, by the way, autocorrect insists is spelled ''Iraq''. my ipaq, I mean, not my brain.

aren't I articulate? I have my moments:

I once had a crush on a girl named caroline. at the time, I was taking a history class taught by the talented and entertaining Dr. Hank Clark. History of Colonial America or something. It was, admittedly, a very interesting course, but even so, I'd procrastinated on the class project and had to pull an all-nighter to finish it. (let's face it: even if I was taking Why Mike Garvey is Way Awesome 401, arguably the most interesting course ever offered, I'd still have held off until the night before to do any of the work. real actors just don't care...)

anyway, I went to class the next morning, gum covering the stink of late night cigarettes and re-heated coffee, and took a seat in the back so I could just zone out without drawing too much attention. sorry, dr. clark, but my focus was trained pretty tightly on less intensive subjects that class, such as who in the room would win if an all-out brawl broke out for some reason. my money was on the lackadaisical kid wearing the bruins (boston, not ucla) cap.

my serious concentration was broken, though, when clark threw a slow pitch question to the class and NO ONE GOT IT. students tried, sure, but weren't even close. it turned out I was the only one who read that part of the book since the answer clark was looking for was pretty obvious. I sat up a bit, cleared my throat and against my initial judgment, raised my hand.

I noticed two things as I started to answer. 1) I was right - the look on clark's face could have baked a cake, he was so thrilled. and 2) everyone else was listening. and watching. cool, I thought, so I played it up. I turned it on and spouted colonial american history so beautiful and articulate, that I was expecting even the bruins kid to be impressed.

then I sneezed.

and watched in slow motion as my gum flew through the air and landed near the aforementioned caroline's feet.

so, yeah, I can be articulate when I try. maybe even moreso with a blog since I won't have to worry about sneezing gum on any of you.

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Jess said...

sweeeeet caroline.