Friday, November 26, 2004

cranberry sauce, anyone? it's fresh from the can.

so, how was your thanksgiving? mine was good – I’m still full.

today, by the way is the original Day of Sloth. it started a few years ago because my family wiiiiiiisely decided to ignore the siren's lure of the mall's seasonal sales and instead watch movies all day. we'd wear pj's, and nosh on leftovers and crack open any champagne that survived the night. most of the movies were typically christmas favorites ("meatloaf, double beetloaf"), but we were never really strict about it. I think one year we watched True Lies and Ace Ventura. (speaking of bad movies, has anyone else seen ads for the third blade flick featuring van wilder??? oh man, that comes out on the 8th, and I'll be thinking of little else until then.)

anyway, sad to say, it looks like the Walden Gonorrea has beaten us lazy few, because mom and the sisters and even lisa have traded in their fuzzies and turkey sandwiches for busy corridors and people who have NO IDEA how to park. hey, I won't complain, though, since it means I can have a guilt-free video game bender. aaaaand, if I’ve been a good boy, maybe they're doing a little birthday shopping too. (20 shopping days left…)

as for me, I’m still out at mom and dad’s (sorry I haven’t updated in awhile – let’s blame it on the tryptophan) and since it looks like day of sloth is going freestyle this year, I think I’ll get some school work out of the way. but first, maybe a little turkey breakfast to get the energy up.

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