Sunday, November 14, 2004

esther = toast eater.

lisa's aunt and uncle threw us an engagement party last night. or, as they put it on the invitation, a "Getting To Know Lisa+Mike's In-Laws" occasion. they'd all met before, in fact our parents are pretty good friends already, but this would be the first time everyone had been in the same few rooms since I proposed almost a year ago. (december 18th - I put the ring in her advent calendar.)

side note: come to think of it, why didn't I propose two days earlier, on my birthday??? that would have been a lot easier to remember. could I be so self centered that I didn't want to take attention away from my birthday? speaking of which, 32 shopping days left...

anyway, getting back to the less self-serving point of my post, the party was an incredible event. I really do love her family, and not like "I love blueberry pop-tarts"; I mean I actually feel an emotional connection with these people that one would usually reserve for their God-given family. I know my family loves lisa just as much - hell, it was on their coaxing that I asked her to ken and bec's wedding in the first place. not that I needed much.

I can't give you a single reason why, but this is an important thing for me. I mean, I would want to marry lisa even if she belonged to a family of howler monkeys (which is a hilarious mental picture- thank you Gary Larson), but the fact that our families blend so well really hits it home for me. it feels right. it feels warm. and damn, they can throw a good party.

I'll always regret that I never met lisa's grandfather. he must have been a great man as his influence can still be seen in everything her family does. these people love to be alive. they love to point out how lucky we all are, and more so, they love to celebrate those blessings. need proof? they're going to hold a parade at our wedding reception. dionysus himself couldn't love life more. lisa's uncle dan really stepped up and gave a wonderful toast last night that I'll remember forever. again I never met the man, but I know lisa's papa was there in spirit, and he must have been thrilled that he'd so successfully passed on the toast-giving torch to both his sons.

I'll always regret that lisa never really got to know papa. they met before we started dating, I think, when she was over for a new year's party. (that was the night of our first kiss, technically. just a quick peck for new-years-luck.) I know in everything I do, day in and out, I can feel papa pushing me in the right direction. and to the extent that I value breathing, I love the fact that I can feel his blessing on this union of families. damn, what a party that'd be, huh? both our papas sitting at the Great Kitchen Table In The Sky, drinking what I imagine would be the best whiskey ever, laughing and playing euchre with uncle jim, rodney dangerfield and cicero.

thanks, guys.

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