Wednesday, November 17, 2004

got got got got no time.

is it TOO hypocritical to talk about how busy you are in a blog? yes, but I will anyway.


now that that's out of the way, I can talk about the stuff I want to talk about, like my honeymoon. lisa and I are planning a trip to italy for the two weeks after we tie the knot, which I'm told is the high tourism season there. so, in an effort to streamline the trip, and maybe get a few ideas while I'm brainstorming, I thought I'd put this out there for all of you to comment on. I'll get to that later.

here's the latest itinerary we're talking about: we fly into sicily (probably via rome, but that's okay) and spend two nights there. then we'll take a train all the way north to florence for 5 nights, with one day trip to pisa and another to tuscany. then we take another train to venice for a night and a day before heading back to rome for another 5 nights. about two weeks total, but that'll depend on how cheaply I can get train tickets and intermediate hotel rooms. we don't mind sleeping in the smaller, cheaper places for a few nights in each city if it means we can end each stay with one kick-ass five star suite.

all in all, I've determined it's going to run us about $12 billion dollars, but that's not too bad as these things go.

so, any thoughts? any good restaurants/hotels/museums/popes we should visit? a lot of people have told me just to buy the package deal and go with a group (bringing the cost down to $11.5 billion), but I really want to try to do this on our own. I like the idea of having a schedule to follow, but I'm not too keen on the idea of having to be responsible to a trip coordinator the whole time.

any guidance you offer on this will earn you a postcard from the pope of your choice, so write in early and often.

I'd write more, but phew, am I busy...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to make you look dumb in front of all of your blog friends, but the itinerary has already been laid out. RENT EURO-TRIP, follow it, rinse, and repeat! BTW-"good popes"? Have there been "good popes"?

Alex said...

How about Pope Gregory the Great? Does he count as being good?