Thursday, November 11, 2004

I do solemnly vow...

this is my second blog post ever and I'm making it from my new ipaq. man, ain't technology great? I feel like I should be sitting on a chair made of nanotechnology and drinking a steaming cup of warp drive. maybe I'll make my next post with a transmogrifier.

I just got a mental image of someone who did a blog search for informed opinions on nanotechnology and found me. sorry about that. if, on the other hand, you're looking for random thoughts on superman, the iron giant, dave eggers, kettle chips, canadian independent music, john stewart, monkeys, mom liking me best, the chicago cubs, the chicago deep-dish pizza, or how I'll never understand why bad comic books exist... welcome home.

I need to set out a few promises before any of this will be worthwhile. these are made more to myself than anything, which is okay since I'm guessing I'll be the majority of my audience. well, me and mom. she does like me best, after all.

I promise:
1) I won't change anything post posting. I have kept a journal for a few years now and I quickly realized I'd have to write in pen or I'd be too tempted to backtrack.
2) okay, okay... I'll keep it to the point. I don't want the toybox to be the polonius of weblogs, and I'll be the first to admit I'm a little wordy.

however, I can't necessarily promise:
1) you'll enjoy this. this is about as out-in-the-open as I get, so if mental voyeurism is your thing, here's a free pass into my psyche. but, this is still a journal, so I can't promise gold every day. speaking of which...
2) I'll post every day. I'm a busy man with a lot of video games to play, so I might have to skip a day every so often. if it comes down to posting or QT with lisa, lisa will win. unless the post is about her, then eeeeeverybody wins.

still with me? still reading? then tell dad I said hi.

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