Saturday, November 20, 2004

I don't think I am... but I am.

welcome back my friends, to the blog that never ends, it just goes on small vacations like yesterday. yeah, sorry about that. if you want to read about how busy I am these days, I go into a lot more detail in the first two paragraphs of this post. I'm no less busy this weekend, but at least I have a fun new The Incredibles mug to keep me happy. the lovely lisa got it for me. coffee tastes better in it, for some reason.

by the way, if you haven't seen the incredibles yet, stop doing whatever you're doing and go see it. brad bird also did the iron giant, which is one of my top five favorites. I dare any red-blooded american (or canadian... cecilia) who has ever read a superman comic book to watch the iron giant and not get a little choked up at the end. anyway, the incredibles is a lot of fun, and it makes for a damn fine coffee mug subject.

yesterday started out innocently enough, since I got to sleep in an hour or so before heading to class. I've recently started showing signs of that damning trait where grownups don't automatically sleep in until noon on the weekends, but that doesn't mean that I don't looooooove the chance to stay in my warm bed for an extra hour if the alternative is going to school. (interesting side note - during that final hour of sleep, I dreamt that God was a giant doughnut. what the hell does that mean?!?)

I typically have just the one class on fridays, but yesterday we had to pull a double shift to make up for missing next week. I'd complain, but it's actually kind of an interesting course, so I don't mind rolling with the punches on this one. and the fact that our group rocks the worlds of all the other groups (a special shout out to meagan) as manufacturers and sellers of sonites makes it a lot more palatable.

in between the two shifts (yup, not only did I have to stick around for two classes yesterday, but they were scheduled two hours apart) I met with my group from another class so we could do a little data entry on our statistical project. Has anyone ever worked with SPSS? it's a glorified excel, meant for wide-scale data analysis. I'm not sure what the acronym stands for, but after it crashed and lost my data, I've decided "spawn" and "satan" are in there somewhere.

after they let us loose from Markland (the simulation country we use in my friday class. actually, the whole thing is kind of like a big Sim-Corporation video game. yeah, good times.) I quick-changed and high-tailed it downtown to catch the show at the Irish called You Never Can Tell. I'm not a huge shaw fan, but this cast, and the director, really made something 3D out of the production. and I don't just mean it was a blackbox theatre, although that helped. to me, someone who had never read or seen the play, these characters were living and breathing and acting spontaneously in front of me, not simply the animated representation of the script. lisa wasn't able to see it, since she was off with her friends who think I'm hot, so I think I might try to see it with her before it closes on 11/28.

then it was off to the pearl street brewery for a drink with the birthday girl (happy 23rd!) and her friend, the whalers fan who probably thinks I smell bad. we drank a few and watched the pacers-pistons game. the best part was when a hockey game broke out. (old joke courtesy of john).

by the time I finally crawled home, my mind awash with market planning strategy, hotkey combinations for SPSS, reasons shaw hates london, and the lyrics to "somebody told me", I had hardly enough energy to crawl into bed. and then I got up at 8am. siiiiigh...


Anonymous said...

Sidenote: Cheating makes winning in Markland a lot easier.

And the fact that I know 'SPSS' stands for 'Statistical Package for the Social Sciences' makes me smarter than you....Long live Firm I
And........thank God for 'hockey breakouts' in basketball else would Canadians survive the season?

Garvey said...

hee-hee... you said package.