Thursday, November 11, 2004

leaping onto the bandwagon

hey! look at me! I have a blog! I'm a blogger!

blog blog blog. I first heard about these things from the same place I get much of my knowledge - the sunday comics. (the remainder of my knowledge comes from uncle john's bathroom reader.) I forget the context, but I remember it was a Doonesbury piece, and it must have been at least 4 or 5 months ago.

so why now? why at all, in fact? why take up my cyberpen and join in with the gazillions of people who have already gotten the blogging momentum going after all this time? a few reasons come to mind:

-the reviews have been good. I must have twenty friends who are doing this, and most of them are fairly reliable. alex told me about rhapsody, and boy was he right.

-getting in on the ground floor. yes yes, there are the gazillion and change bloggers out there already, but since that's still only 1/100th of the entire internet-using population as a whole, I may still be considered an early adopter. I'm nothing if not a trend-setter.

-e-catharsis. well, catharsis in general, really. I've had a pen and paper journal for awhile now, and I started that to get stuff off my chest. but, see, I can't exactly post that on my front door for people to read, unless I'm really only interested in confessing to mrs. galluzzo (the landlady), or chris (the ups guy). and no, I'm not going to stuff this blog down people's throats, in fact I may not even tell anyone and just see if it attracts an audience on its own. my point, though, is that I don't mind people peeping in on my thought process, and if I can make someone giggle at the same time, I'm a happy man.

that should do it for now. I've written my first post. I've picked out a name and a fun site design. and I did it all while listening to modest mouse, so I feel sufficiently hip. if you're still with me at this point, I promise to be a little more entertaining/enlightening in the future. just as soon as I get some interesting material out of the next uncle john’s bathroom reader...

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