Monday, November 22, 2004

mmm... reheated cooooffeeeee

I pulled a pseudo-all-nighter last night. but it was for a good cause, so it was worth it. here's the paraphrased (and abridged- you're welcome) story:

let's say I have this friend, see? and he's a student at the university at buffalo, school of taxidermy, right? and my friend had a week to finish this, um, elephant. oh, forget it. I'm not awake enough to lie well.

"taxidermy" = "management"
"elephant" = "hugh jass homework assignment"
"my friend" = "me", which is silly. I hate me.
ceteris paribus:

anyway, this particular assignment was so tough that I was about to give up on it. I figured I'd throw together an excel doc and go to see the great and powerful prof to beg for forgiveness in the morning.

but then, at about 11:30 last night, something clicked. a light turned on. choirs of cherubim sang a round of "eureka" in my head because all of a sudden, I understood a piece of the problem I was working on. it wasn't much, but maybe this was the codec I needed to understand the rest. I went to the book and re-read that chapter and sure enough, the problem started to look do-able.

cue montage music!: bah bop, ba-da bum, ba-da bum, ba-da buuuuum... my fingers flew across the keyboard as I waited for a fresh pot to brew! bah bop, ba-da bum, ba-da bum, ba-da buuuuum... it was as though my eyes weren't my own, going automatically to the exact chapter, page, paragraph I needed to reference every new problem! ba-da, ba-da, ba-da, ba-da, ba-buuuuuuuuuum...

and then, as my vcr clock chimed 6:30am, I hit ctrl-S and ctrl-P. and in my hands I held the most beautiful C+ paper I'd ever birthed.

update: I just met with the prof who told me I'd actually hit pretty close to a bullseye on my final numbers. (I am so smart! S-M-R-T!) so, in the end I learned a valuable lesson about procrastination and hard work.


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