Friday, November 12, 2004

...of the Planet Smartron

save prof h, I am smarter than everyone in this room. know why? because I'm the TA, that's why. and by definition, the teaching assistant is smart enough to assist teaching, so here I sit, smug in the knowledge that I don't have to take this test.

of course, if I did, out of boredom perhaps, I'd ace it. I wouldn't even have to ''skip'' two freebie questions-- no I'd just do the first twenty three, since they're all of equal difficulty (more like "easinulty") to a TA. look upon me, you feeble undergraduate students, for I am The Taker of Graduate Level Classes... I am the Passer Out of Sharpened No.2 Pencils... I am The One Getting Paid $9.50 To Be Here... I am The One You Address As "Mr." Even Though I'm Barely Older Than Most Of You... and by nature, I am Smarter Than Everyone In This Room.

save professor h.

and thank God for that, because otherwise i'd have to answer all of these questions and damned if I understand any of this stuff.

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