Thursday, November 18, 2004

the presentation starts at 2:30.

I'm chiming in once again from my ipaq, tough not as a TA this time. Nope, tonight I'm phoning it in from (get this) a dental school.

my dad's a doc. he has a practice in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. (for those of you in my marketing class, he's the one who scored our group the dental lab coats. for esther, “yup, that’s muh dad…”) tonight, he's giving a lecture on implants (dental, not chestal) that's being webcast to a few other schools. yeah, I know, pretty dry stuff, but when all my teeth fall out from this medical condition I have (known as: "eating a bowl of butterfingers"), I bet I'll be pretty excited he's the resident expert.

anyway, I'm here for support. but since I don't understand any of this (except for the summary, which started with an inigo montoya quote – always the sign of a good presentation), I think it's time to move on to the evaluation survey he handed out.

assessment for:
Please rate the following statements on a scale from 1 to 7, "1" meaning Strongly Disagree, and "7" meaning Strongly Agree:

1. Presentations were clear and to the point – well, there was only one presentation (semantics!), but I’d give it a 7. yes, it was three hours long, but sometimes you just need to work your way up to the slides where you were hammering on thigh bone in order to be both clear and to the point.
2. The content was interesting – 7 again. I was very impressed with all of the bloody tooth slides.
3. I gained new insights about my role – 7, without a doubt. turns out my role is to play with my ipaq until you show bloody slides.
4. The meeting facility was conducive to learning - 7, thank you God for wireless. in all seriousness though, the presentation was webcast to 7 other schools! How cool is it that dad can show a bloody tooth slide in amherst, and it can simultaneously gross out 8 schools! well done technology, well done.
5. The presenters were able to hold my attention throughout - 7, though I could tell you wanted to make a joke about the different types of bone.
6. The content had substance – whatever this means, I agree strongly with it. 7 all the way on the substance-filled content.
7. My understanding of key matters was enhanced – considering I started from an understanding level around “.01”, and now it’s maybe around “.03”, that’s a %200 increase in understanding. I’m guessing that includes key matters, so you get a 7.
8. The course was well organized – 7. if I could give you an 8 on this one I would. I especially liked the part of the course where we went to pizza plant afterwards for pods and beer. I’m told the good doctors normally do this after every presentation. you know, like little league teams after games.

bravo, dad - I’m glad I could be a part of the event. I learned a few things, I got to hang out with mom for a few seconds, and I got to make fun of lisa for knowing what “trabeculae” means. (latin for canadian game show host who used to have a mustache, duh.) but next time, let’s see if we can’t get in more bloody tooth slides, huh?

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You are a funny, funny boy.