Saturday, November 20, 2004

where would you live?

a little midnight snack for your brain before I drift off to sleep.

if you could live in the world of any tv show, which would it be? I mean, you wouldn't have to live with that family, or work in that office, but I guess that's possible. my first instinct was the wonder years, but now I'm leaning more towards bonanza. I pretty much am hoss.

maybe star trek?

I'm watching saturday night live right now, and U2 is doing vertigo. I think bono is singing off-key and off-tempo deliberately to show that he isn't lipsyncing. also, has anyone ever noticed that the fake train schedule behind the drummer lists buffalo? wow! we're famous!


Alex said...

Carnevale. But I wouldn't live in the dustbowl.

Anonymous said...

Bonanza!!!!! That's only my favorite show of all time! I loved that show so much I gave it up for Lent. There is no greater sacrifice. And, you absolutely are Hoss....the most lovable character of my favorite show. Of all time. And this comment is sent to you from your s-t-b-m-i-l (soon to be mother-in-law) Love..