Saturday, November 27, 2004

with faithful leaves unchanging

the tree has been got. rather, the trees have been gotten.

yet another garvey family tradition to check off the list for the year: we woke up early this morning, had a cup of coffee, and then loaded up the caravan (not a minivan called a caravan, I mean actually a fleet of automobiles) and drove out to the Field-of-Dreams Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a winner. this started a few years ago when most of us were in college or chicago or mississippi or wherever, and the only free time before christmas that we could spend together was thanksgiving. so, snow or no snow, the garveys would suit up and head for the hills.

this year increased to maybe two dozen people. that's with six cars, three babies, three dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. lisa and I got a tree for the tajmapartment, mom and dad got two for the ponderosa, and the rest of the group cut down five others. yup, the garveys and the garvey-in-laws were responsible for the brutal murder of eight perfectly healthy pine trees. happy birthday, Jesus!

and tonight? well, the agenda says I'll be working on a paper, and I'm sure I'll be able to get a few pages out unless leftover turkey has anything to say about that. despite talk of christmas decorations and wedding planning, I think the paper is going to take precedence because I'm a little worried about the upcoming scholastic week. I mean, the rest of the semester isn't going to be easy, but it seems like this week is going to be all-nighter after all-nighter.

in happier news, we're down to 19 days until my birthday. and how nice is it that my exams end the same week as my birthday? everybody wins!

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