Friday, December 03, 2004

and then I pushed lisa into the snow

hello, my little monkeys, welcome to advent day 3. open the little paper door on your calendar and you’d better put those snow pants on because we’re back out at the Field of Dreams Christmas Tree Farm. this is actually a pic from a few years ago (two? three? I forget. I’m so old.) but I chose to use it tonight because lisa and I just decorated the tree here at the tajmapartment. there’re still a few bare spots since this year’s tree (our second as a mushy, saccharine couple) is larger than last year’s. but that just means we get to go to target for more ornaments. maybe hoffman will come with us, now that he’s graduated from basic and back here in wny. and lou, of course, you’re always welcome to join in, especially since you left your ps2 here.

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got my first presentation out of the way today, which marks the end of at least one of my classes for the semester. our team did wonderfully (a true cinderella story, beaten only by the evil team “I”) and even won the Jack Welsh Award for Strategic Planning. well done, Landmark Inc., well done. By the way, team “I” may be my mortal enemy, but I do have to give them mad props (, yo) for using images from The Incredibles in their presentation.

and now only two more presentations to go for me before I’m done for the holidays! oh, and three papers. and three exams.

and a partridge in a pear tree.

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