Wednesday, December 08, 2004

come up to the lab...

today, my friends, I’m trapped here at school. I actually only had one class, but I’ve been working in the computer lab for most of the afternoon, just getting stuff out of the way before exams start up next week. manalive, the hammer is starting to fall. two of my three presentations are done, so at least I’m making baby steps. I have one more tomorrow, plus a hugh jass paper due. luckily, I have people like steph who have made the whole process a lot easier.

next week, I have three exams (monday, tuesday, and wednesday) and then I’m proctoring a final on thursday. do the math… I’ll wait… yup, mikey gets to proctor an exam on his birthday. that’s right students, feel free to cheat, because that won’t be coffee your TA is drinking! I wonder if prof H will let me wear a birthday crown.

speaking of which, that means we’re at 8 days until the big 2-7! sorry I don’t have a picture for you, but like I said I’ve been trapped here at school. here – check out these guys. they do the advent thing better than me anyway.

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