Tuesday, December 14, 2004

engage... negotiations!

one exam down, my friends. my negotiations final was at 3:30, unless you're on canadian time, then it might have been at 2:30. how did I do? I do'd well, I think. if I don't get full credit for the fourth essay, I certainly deserve a pulitzer for the brilliant tapestry of bull I wove. the question was on a chapter I didn't even know existed from a book I never bought that was written in a forgotten language. I am so smrt.

New Product Design tomorrow, Consumer Behavior on wednesday, then my toughest final of all - the "beer" exam. it's an oral exam. I've been studying a little here and there, but the real test will be wednesday night. oh, and thursday night. and in fact, probably just about every night for the next several days until my bridge course in "video games" starts up.

one of the take-home essays I had to write for this negotiations exam was based on an article called The Farpoint Gambit. if you have any idea what I'm talking about as of this sentence, you're either a huge negotiations nerd or a somewhat sizable star trek nerd, or like me, both. farpoint refers to the first and last episodes of The Next Generation, and the gambit is from a line where picard admits guilt (to avoid death), but only provisionally. in a negotiation, so the article said, there are ways to get around "exploding offers" (i.e. "the offer on this used car is only good for the next five minutes") by simply accepting them, provisionally. okay, it's a lot more complicated than that, but I've been trying to keep my posts short and I want to get to bed.

the point is that they USED STAR TREK AS AN EXAMPLE. want to get me to learn? make it about star trek. this is why I never would have gotten through medical school. they insist on keeping the focus actually on the material, like mitochondria and trigeminal nerves. damned literalists. I'm told law school relates everything to superman and the family guy, so I will inevitably rock.

okay, it's after midnight, but everyone close your eyes and imagine this: it's yeeeeeesterday. three more days until my biiiiiirthday... okay, now open your eyes and "today's" advent calendar door. hope you enjoy. see you "tomorrow".

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