Tuesday, December 14, 2004

high spirits

hey now!

exam no. 2 out of the way...

I'm checking in from the lumina, parked (legally - sorry buffalo!) outside capen hall and heating up slowly. a band called the futureheads is playing on the UB station and although the tune is pretty good, all I can think of is strongbad's take on college radio.

now, I don't want everyone to think I’m in a foul mood because I’m actually in extremely high spirits. (I only have one exam to go, my birthday is inside 48 hrs, and lisa and I finally get to have dinner together tonight.) BUT, that in mind, I think everyone should know that my rapidly aging body is falling to pieces.

as evidenced by:
a) a few days ago, I slipped on the stairs and decided that, considering my many options, the fingernail on my left pinky would provide the most support for me if I rammed it full force into the banister.

b) I recently got a new microwave to replace the flintstone era model a kind uncle gave me. here's a little martha-moment for you: microwave busted? don't throw it out! instead, these volkswagon-sized appliances can be used as excellent shin-breakers if left in a darkened walkway! just look at this bruise! it's a good thing...

c) the humidifier on my cpap broke last night, so not only did my snoring wake up everyone in a half mile radius (including forestlawn residents) but now my sinuses are all out of wack.

d) I had some chinese food the other day and got a bit of general tso's stuck between my teeth. I was at school, sans floss, so I just had to grin and bear it (except I would cover my mouth when I did because it was pretty obvious). anyway, it developed into a rather intense tooth ache and now guess who's going to the dentist on friday? so if this is my work week:

Monday - final exam
Tuesday - final exam
Wednesday - final exam
Thursday - birthday
Friday - dentist

can you guess which day is my favorite? (I'll give you a hint: it starts with a "t" and ends with me getting drunk.)

so yeah: “mike garvey” = “high spirits”. and here's why:

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