Friday, December 31, 2004

I am an excellent poet. and I know it.

back when I was at canisius (motto – your grandfather probably went here) I used to frequent a website that would pay you to visit other websites or fill out surveys or sign up for credit cards. yeah, it was totally a scam, but there were occasionally fun little games to play and I did eventually get a walmart gift certificate for $25 dollars out of it, so I didn’t mind sifting through all the pop-ups and viruses. oh wait, that was on greg’s computer. sorry, roomie.

anyway, during one late night session, I scored a lot of points by signing up for a poetry contest. I didn’t have to win, I just had to enter and I would be that much closer to my $25, so I wrote this:

within my reach, but beyond my grasp,
the words I seek run through my mind.
my thoughts are sharp, I just wish that
I could have the "original" kind.

it was a jab at the fact that I steal all of my good material. (I have, on more than one occasion, wished that bill bryson was less popular so I could just copy his stuff into the toybox.) thinking back, I may very well have been looking through a shel silversteen book for something that I could cannibalize, just so that I could enter the silly contest and earn my gift certificate. you can get a lot of cool bric-a-brac at walmart for $25. I was tired, so I went into infinite-monkeys-at-infinite-typewriters mode and pounded that jem out.

again, I am an excellent poet. and I know it, because I just got an email from, 5 years later, telling me that my poem was selected as one of the “most influential and insightfully brilliant” (“brilliantly odd”, perhaps?) and will be featured in a new book that I can buy for only $24.99. I'm going to pass, since shel is still better and half the cost.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats! I won a photography contest from the same website. I too was offered the book for a mere $25. We must be a very artistic family...

Cecilia said...

Aw, I never win ANYTHING, or get offers to buy anything...I must be the un-creative, un-artistic one in the family...the "other" sister :)

Greg said...