Monday, December 06, 2004

if only in my dreams

I had a very strange dream last night – a bit nightmarish, but mostly just weird. ed asner and I were guards at this prison where we decided to incite a riot. our reasoning? I couldn’t tell you because ed only spoke french. seriously. so things get out of hand, and I get backed into a corner, because for some reason I only have one of those little pocket knives, like keychain-sized, for protection. I’m about to buy the farm when I realize I’m superman (an easily forgotten fact in the realm of dreams, evidently). and then I woke up.

to say the least, I was a little put off by this – why is my brain wired such that it’ll keep me trapped in a prison riot with swiss army knife and “le ed asner”, but then wake me up when I can fly??? I’m in this whole, limitless world where I can be or do anything I want, and the guy holding the tv remote to my psyche decides to watch the channel showing oz instead of the greatest american hero?

a couple of weeks ago (I’m not making this up, by the way) I had a dream where I was standing in line. not for any particular reason, just because the BFG ran out of ideas that night, I guess. I’m looking forward to dreams where more exciting things happen. like maybe: anything. man, I’d be the best lucid dreamer.

on a slightly less psychedelic note, we’re officially at 10 shopping days! unless you’re talking about christmas, in which case there are 19. here’s a christmas toast to get you in the mood…

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