Thursday, December 30, 2004

keep on bloggin' on

I will admit that I downloaded tainted love only after it was used in a commercial and regained popularity a few years ago.

I will admit I didn't really watch too many bills games this season until they started kicking ass.

I will admit that I only started watching the west wing because of the hype, and even used the phrase "jumped the shark" when sorkin left, but only because enough people already knew what the term meant.

and I’ll begrudgingly admit that a very large reason I haven't updated the toybox is because I haven't needed a reason to procrastinate.

why? because I am what I hate: a fair-weather-fan. a bandwagonner. actually, I'm really not, or else I wouldn't go back to comic books and canadian indi bands as much as I do. but I will admit that a large part of me has downright ignored the toybox because now I only sit at my desk to play video games, to research italy, or to generally use the internet for purposes that I don't want to put-off-for-another-ten-minutes. (and no, that doesn't always mean porn.)

so here's the bottom line: at least I update more often than mr. hoffmann, esq., who otherwise kicks ass.

that said, here're a few notes to bring you all up to speed:

-dude, christmas rocks. and judging by my pile of loot, I was a very good boy this year.
I won't list everything I got, but a few of my favorites include a handful
of signed comic books from bob burden (of Mystery Men fame), who evidently is a distant cousin. I also got an Incredibles tee shirt, some excellent port, as well as some very fancy-pants port glasses. turns out you aren’t supposed to chug this stuff out of pint glasses. who knew? I got no fewer than 4 books about the government. true, one of them was the daily show’s “america” book, but the others were honest-to-goodness books on either lincoln, washington, or politics in general. santa wants me to run for congress, I guess. must be a democrat. again, who knew?

-my big gift was a pair of oakley sunglasses with an mp3 player actually built in. which means I’m waiting for the coolest-kid-on-the-block plaque to be nailed over my door any day now.

-italy planning is coming together nicely, much to the joy of my lovely fiancĂ© who thinks I’m bluffing when I say I can organize this trip without getting perrillo involved. actually, we’ve managed to find a pretty solid middle ground – we’ll plan all of the hotels/restaurants on our own, and then use a tour advisor for all of our day trips. or I’ll just get so fat off of gelato the first day there that we’ll be confined to our B&B until the pope rents a crane large enough to get me out.

-I’m still waiting for a few of my grades to come in, but I’ll be sure to gloat if they turn out to be good. or at least better than meagan’s.

-every time I blink, they add another 5 thousand people to the tsunami death list. which means that every second that passes, the probability that one of my readers lost a friend or family member to that terra-fart increases by just a tad. my thoughts and prayers go out to you guys.

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