Sunday, December 05, 2004

kim's donation

okay, in my defense, I started writing this blog about a half hour ago when I got home. so technically, we'll consider this post to be your day 4 advent post:

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hee-hee, I love this pic. and, if I remember right, there hadn't even been any alcohol involved at this point in the night yet. kim just felt the need to donate all she could to an un-used salvation army bucket holder. yeah, there isn't any photoshopping, but does it need any?

non sequitur: I love my mom. as we speak, she's getting ready to come back from her mom's place in alabama. (I spoke with her on the phone the other day and this was an actual quote: "I went to see the beach this morning, and then took mimi to the doctor's. I'm really upset by how destroyed everything is." it wasn't until I realized she was talking about the beach being destroyed by ivan, and not mimi's doctor visit, that my heart started beating again. mimi's all good, by the way.)

anyway, I love my mom because I seem to have hit upon the perfect audience. I mean, everyone's mom should be supportive and applauding, etc., but for some reason I really crack her up. she loves it when I make my special cranberry sauce (open can, slide onto plate, enjoy!), or when I help dry and put away dishes since I always put them in the wrong spots. by the way, ma, if you're looking for the noodle serving spoon thing, check the christmas tree.

another non sequitur: lisa put s'more lights (not "some more lights", I mean lights shaped like s'mores) on our christmas tree, but from my desk, they kind of look like teeth. great, now my christmas tree is going to eat me. remember that muppet show bit where the machines came to life and ate the muppets who were using them? it's a little like that.

last non sequitur: it's 12:16am! make a wish!

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