Friday, December 03, 2004

little help...

so, I'm in a very serious competition, and it's very important that I work through it all on my own. wanna help me cheat?

the phrases below are anagrams of either christmas songs or christmas movies. for example, "baloney bandits" is actually "babes in toyland", or "Heavyset Witch Seldom Farts" is actually "the twelve days of christmas".

of the 46, these are the few that my brain just can't handle:

Default, Sir. File Now.
Go Acknowledge Sins
Beware – Oslo Heroin Gloom
Delicate, Maturing Champion
Lost: Bachelor Elf
Nominate Horton
Highland Genre Saltshaker
My Hateful, Aloof Lice

anyone who contributes can have a sip of the wine I'll win!


Alex said...

#4 - it came upon a midnight clear
#8 - O come all ye faithful

Alex said...

#1 - It's a wonderful life.

Alex said...

#7 - hark the herald angels sing

Alex said...

#2 - Good King Wenceslas

Alex said...

#5 - Carol of the bells

Garvey said...

yeah, alex, you might want to look into defragging that brain of yours. it just doesn't seem to be ticking the way it should.

Anonymous said...

You are such a cheater. Alex is automatically on the Christmas Puzzle list for next year. If you're lucky, he'll share the wine with YOU.

Garvey said...

A) I answered 46 all by myself, thank you very much, and B) alex is smarter than me - I was just utilizing my resources and C) he can have the wine, I just want the bragging rights.