Thursday, December 09, 2004

no more teachers' dirty looks

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baby steps, baby steps... one more presentation down, one more paper handed in. baby steps towards vacation, towards the holidays, towards sleeping in, and the light at the end of the tunnel shines brightest because of all the birthday candles. 27 of them to be exact... baby steps through one more week.

the good news is that I think classes are going better then I’d expected. I already have an A in one class, and since there’s no final in another, I can (fairly safely) assume I have an A in that one too. I’d thought that a B was the best I could hope for in the remaining three, but now that I’m getting a little more feedback, that might have been an underestimation.

oooooooor, I’m just psyching myself up, hoping for a little self-fulfilling prophesy. maybe I’ll play another video game and ponder that for awhile.

here are a few things that are also on my mind:

the cell phone company that let’s me delete the “if you’d like to leave a message...” bit on my voicemail after I’ve given my “hi you’ve reached mike garvey...” is the cell phone company that’ll steal my money away from verizon.

ladies and gentlemen of western new york, we were not the stoned 6 year olds who designed the roadways of buffalo, but we are the ones who have to use them everyday. take your time. be considerate, not competitive. and for the sake of Almighty God, move over so I can get onto the 198 from delaware ave.

if you haven’t seen it yet, try to catch “olive, the other reindeer” this season. the monkey deus ex machine had me and mark laughing for hours. and the pope wearing a baseball cap.

when was the last totally original thought made? I have to assume that every concept that has ever entered my mind has been considered by one of the gabillions of people who came before me. so, did the first really pensive caveman think them all, or did someone in 1989 pick up a nintendo power and a hit of lsd and formed that neural pathway that had never been anywhere before? (thanks to both dave eggers and zack braff for throwing that one on the table.)

man, I miss smoking. if you never have, suck it up and don’t start. yeah, I’m not going to lie. it. feels. goooooood. but since I quit (three years ago – cold turkey) I can climb a flight of stairs without an oxygen machine, and I’m not dropping $5 a day. but I haven’t had a beer since then without wanting to light up.

my sibs and I used to look for elves when we were little. the story went that santa was really busy this time of year, so he’d send his elves to keep an eye on the garvey kids. when we finally saw one (a marionette, hung from the window above), it was like looking into the eyes of God. all the other high school kids were so jealous.

I forget what it’s called, but I have elvis costello’s monkey song going through my mind. “Monkey to Man”? esther gets the finders fee for that one.

I’m in class right now, and there is a group doing a presentation on the chocolate industry. they just passed out brussel sprouts. just kidding, they passed out chocolate (hershey’s miniatures – let’s face it, the crackle is the best), ensuring they get a perfect grade from me.

speaking of which, I may be the only person in the world who thinks this, but the Flake chocolate bar may be the single greatest food ever made, including other planets and dimensions. with the possible exception of mom’s chicken pot pie. depends on my mood.

I remember when we still lived in mississippi, mom and dad threw a surprise birthday party for me. one of mom’s friends took me out for ice cream so they could set up. (was that susan? I didn’t care, there was ice cream involved.) anyway, I got a big star wars action figure carrying case shaped like the bust of darth vader that year. it successfully held my 5 figures for years – including the lando I found (yeah, “found”) under the tree by our front walk. I wonder what the trading value of the mud-caked billy dee is these days.

I just realized there are 211 days left until the wedding! man, it seems so far off.

oh well… baby steps…

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