Friday, December 10, 2004

Our Home And Native Christmas Tree

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I have a theory. the canadians are trying to take over. meagan, a neighbor from the north, introduced me to smarterchild today during a study session. the only thing half as addicting would be subservient chicken, or perhaps heroin, but either would be a distant second. obviously, nanook here must be trying to distract me from finishing my IP paper so she can steal my thunder.

if you really must look into this hypnogourd (piers anthony fans? anyone?), open up aol instant messenger and send an IM to “SmarterChild”. it’ll walk you through the rest. before you do, though, email me and let me know I can take you out of my phone book.

in other news, the glow of the christmas tree is mocking me from the other room. hey! look at me! I’m a glowy christmas tree! gee mike, lots of work, huh? remember when you weren’t studying? remember when you were setting up the toy train, and then finding new christmas cds on rhapsody? that was awesome.

the christmas tree has become my audrey II, demanding my attention and keeping me from my work. except that it doesn’t want to eat flesh or anything. and it hasn’t made me famous. okay, it isn’t anything like audrey II. except for being green.

“hmmm… what should I blame my procrastination on next?”, said the boy as he finished his blog.

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