Saturday, December 11, 2004

watch where you put that lumina

don’t worry everyone – buffalo is going to be fine, money-wise.

for one thing, they will be getting $30 from me by sometime early next week. I broke the rules. I went out of bounds. I broke a commandment. I parked on the wrong side of the street for just shy of an hour. what I was thinking, I’ll never know – I mean, there’s a plethora of legal parking all over the city, so it must be that I’m just plain mean and need to be punished.

I could fill up ten regular blog posts (or three royal toybox posts) talking about how buffalo is alienating itself by not having enough parking downtown. but no, today I just want to let everyone know that the city is going to be in-the-black in no time.

evidently, the turnaround will be thanks to “the provisions of Section 3-19 of the city charter” which say that anyone who wants to pay a parking ticket via the City of Buffalo website will be charged an extra two dollars. now, I’m not a lawyer yet, so the fact that this screams price discrimination to me is obviously indicative of my inexperience. maybe it’s for shipping and handling. oh wait, I’m not shopping at amazon, I’m paying a ticket. maybe it’s to pay for the increased amount of paperwork generated by an electronic copy. no, wait, the internet makes less paperwork, if you’re doing it right. so, yeah, it must be because the city’s powers-that-be just need another revenue source. well, at least it’ll be going to the zoo and the library. thank goodness.

I was mad before, but now all I can think of is members of the buffalo fiscal stability authority chasing me around on a kid’s bike: “I want my two dollars!”... ah, blog therapy.

on a happier note – we’re down to (woo-hoo!) FIVE days until my birthday! add nine days to that and we’re at christmas! what does today’s advent calendar hold? why, it’s a pic of good lookin’ lisa and her good lookin’ friends. now, that’s the way to ring in the holidays. thanks ladies!

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