Thursday, December 02, 2004

we three sisters

let’s get the calendar stuff out of the way first, yes?

14 days until my birthday…
23 until xmas…

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I finished my law school application last night. now I’m waiting on one letter of recommendation and it’ll be complete. I’m not sure how other schools around the country do it, but UB asks that you write a quick little book report to go along with your personal statement. since you have to talk about two books you are currently reading (or have recently read) one of my law school friends suggested that I use both a classic and a contemporary. I chose To Kill a Mockingbird (okay, that was an easy slow pitch) and High Fidelity (perhaps my all-time fave). I was pretty happy with my selection until another law school friend mentioned that both of these had been made into rather successful movies. that’s it, no more talking to law school friends.

the statement itself turned out quite well too, although I was so happy with the one that I wrote two years ago that it was hard for me to come up with anything fresh. in this one, I focused on the MBA instead of chicago, but I still talked about papa being a major influence. I can’t imagine that won’t count for something. (that’s right – double negative city!)

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