Monday, January 24, 2005

the coaster collection post

I dream of a day when my walls, instead of simply providing shelter (although, this weekend, I'm thankful for that), will shine with the memories of a thousand drunken pub crawls. someday the bare spaces in my computer room will storyboard the raising of my spirits and the degradation of my brain cells.

how, you ask?

come on over to the tajmapartment and see how I've already started to make this dream a reality: beer coasters. about thirty of them, so far. each one dated, labeled, and signed by everyone who shared in that particular event. most of them sport the logo and/or catchy tag line used by the host bar, or else someone will have scribbled the location so I don't have a dozen identical rolling rock ads above my desk.

sometimes, and don't be too surprised by this, my choice of watering hole won't have the marketing wherewithal to have any beer coasters at all, so littered among these cardboard squares you'll see matchbooks, fliers, menus, even a flattened aluminum can. this past weekend, I added a dollar bill I found on the floor of colter bay.

weird coincidence: I wrote the above paragraphs on my ipaq before class. we had a guest lecturer in my entrepreneurship course who talked about a guy who turned a $750,000 business that manufactured stickers for sanding machines into a multi-million dollar venture that invented (and cornered the market on)... yup, beer coasters. freaky.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that is really freaky. I drink beer too!