Sunday, January 23, 2005

especially since blockbuster dropped late fees...

you’ll notice, when it is finally published decades from now, that my unauthorized biography will contain a chapter on my top ten favorite movies (maybe chapter 14 or so: “Movies Garvey Liked”), and that this chapter will not include either Napoleon Dynamite or Shaun of the Dead. though both of these titles will show up on my blockbuster receipts for the weekend of 1/22/05 (that’ll be chapter 37: “Blockbuster Receipts Found in Garvey’s Wallet Next to His Wegman’s Coffee Club Card”).

that’s not to say that either of these movies were poor choices, in fact I really got into both of them, but neither even remotely lived up to the hype.

Napoleon Dynamite had the most to prove, and I will admit that I kind of went into this one with a universe of high expectations. go get it. rent it. make some popcorn and give it the time it deserves, but don’t wait for the laughs to hit you upside the head like it seemed to with all your friends. I hear a catch phrase from this movie laced into pop culture every day, so I was hoping for great one-liners, funny punchlines, and a bunch of weird-for-the-sake-of-being-weird situations. honestly, I was more impressed with the sweet story and the incredible effort the production team must have put forth to make it look like my high school. great movie, poor marketing.

Shaun of the Dead really just made me realize how funny the term “wanker” is. actually, in retrospect, I laughed at this movie more than I expected to. and when I wasn’t laughing, I was reminded of delicatessen, which had me lying awake for weeks in fear of being trapped in france when the apocalypse hits. mission accomplished on their part.

so, yeah, not "top ten" material, but both are worth renting.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't like Napoleon Dynamite....Gosh you're such an IDIOT

sarah said...

Are people saying "God, you're such an idiot"? That's awesome. Over the summer whenever someone asked me what I was doing, I said, "Whatever I FEEL LIKE. GOD." Puncuated by a kick. I am so cool.
Yeah, Shaun of the Dead was great, but come on. So. Much. Hype!

Garvey said...

yeah, but that person usually calls me an idiot anyway, so it was half catch-phrase and half biting insult that has had me crying myself to sleep since I read it.

Anonymous said...

well at least you aren't ruining everyone's lives and eating all their steak. That, my friend, is completely unforgivable.