Tuesday, January 18, 2005

four oh in oh five

you heard me. michael joseph garvey jr. will finish his fourth and final MBA semester with all A's. I say this with all the confidence of a student who has already successfully completed the term, including all final exams, even though it's 10am as I’m writing this after my first class of the semester. well, there's a lot to be said for optimism.

I do have some justification for my goal, or rather, I'm not just aiming high in hopes that an eternally slumbering Type A personality might suddenly awaken within me, having heard its "four oh" battle cry... although, now that I mention it, that would be sweet. no, in fact, I can cite two reasons why I can guarantee perfect marks this semester:

1. I'm a 4th quarter team. check out my report cards starting as far back as mrs. farmer's second grade and you'll see that the last part of the year, the last year of the degree was always my best. granted, it was never straight A's, but, c'mon... I was an actor - we only pretended to be smart.

2. it wouldn't matter, except for bragging rights. yup, since the transcript for my law school applications has already been submitted, this semester is akin to those episodes of west wing that really just served to connect the last one to the next one. and for some reason, when there's nothing but rep riding on a bet, count on me as your ringer. I still contend I won the fantasy football championship simply because we didn't put any money on it.

3. yeah, I know I said I only had two reasons, but this one just occurred to me and it's good enough to withstand your spanish inquisition jokes. The Mike Garvey When It Rains It Pours Phenomenon: I first noticed this little joy because women would only pay attention to me as soon as I started a serious relationship. bad news comes in threes for some people, but it comes in sevens or eights for me. but it recently hit me that it was a two way road. good news begets good news begets good news, etc. test it out sometime: throw a water balloon at me and six others will fly from the surrounding ether. or, preferably, give me a blueberry pop-tart, and by day's end I'll inexplicably have half a dozen more. since this year already has four or five really good things happening in it, I’ll put money ten to one on a good report card.

…just as soon as that Type A personality wakes the hell up.

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