Wednesday, January 26, 2005

garvs o' steel

guy puts on his helmet, picks up his hammer, jumps on his horse and rides into battle. "I AM THOR!", he shouts to his enemies, to which his horse replies, "then why don't you use a thaddle, thilly?"

this is not a funny joke. if you chuckled at it, thanks for the pity-laughs, but let's not kid ourselves. it's been replaying in my mind all day for two reasons: first, I saw the fantastic 4 movie trailer last night, so I have marvel heroes on the brain, and second, because I am, at the moment, so sore that tapping this post into my ipaq is (seriously) quite a challenge.

of course, when I'm ripped and I have a six pack (and a general state of health that doesn't attract vultures) it'll all be worth it. the last time I worked out with any real effort, I threw up in front of all the ladies on the stair-masters, thoroughly impressing them with my manly charm. (no, none of them was caroline, but that would have been about as appropriate.) that was so depressing for me that I stayed away from gyms for half a decade.

well, that and the unavoidable temptation of mighty taco.

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