Monday, January 31, 2005

the groom's well-dressed men

WEDDING UPDATE: the groomsmen will not be nekkid for the ceremony.

then again, we might start drinking early.

CORRECTED WEDDING UPDATE: the groomsmen, at this time, do not plan on being nekkid for the ceremony.

on saturday, da posse and I put on our big boy pants and got 70% of our wedding-specific duties out of the way with a trip to tuxedo junction. the morning started with a guinness and chicken finger brunch, where we traded bar tricks, and made fun of the nhl. manly things. grunt. louis was the last to arrive, having recently been revived from the dead of sleep, but he later made up for it by trying on all our tux possibilities. had it not been for lindsay, our tailor/saleswoman/babysitter, we would have made him model the red and pink number in the window. meh… there’ll be plenty of time for that at the stag.

our final choice walks a very thin line between james bond and head waiter, but I’m pretty happy with the overall product. now we just need to attend to the other 30% of our duties, which essentially add up to:

  1. show up on time
  2. not be nekkid.


Scott said...

Don't forget to brush your teeth. That was my wife's only request of me for our wedding day.

Garvey said...

is that why there are all those pictures of leah in a wedding dress and you wearing nothing but a bright smile in your apartment?

Scott said...

Apartment nothing. I was hanging out of the limo, baby. Why do you think we had to move?