Sunday, January 02, 2005

the insomnia post

heartburn has struck, my friends. heartburn has struck so badly that even I cannot sleep. this simply doesn’t happen. I can sleep through thermonuclear war. I can sleep while howler monkeys are sticking me with rusty needles. I once slept through an episode of the nanny. (thank God.) the pleasure of insomnia is one I have not had.

and yet, here I am, typing away at my computer at 2:45am because my tums refuses to kick in. let’s see if we can isolate the cause, shall we?

maybe it’s stress… yeah, no. classes are over. no more christmas responsibilities. I’ve spent the last few days catching up on leisure reading, so I doubt it’s because I’m running myself ragged.

maybe it’s my altered sleeping schedule. perhaps the Goddess Circadia is pissed at me because I’ve been up so late every night of the last week or so. then again, it’s not like I’ve ever had a “normal” sleeping pattern (certainly not during the semester), so I think the goddess is off the hook.

oh. waaaait... maybe – and this is a long shot – just maaaaaybe it was the tureen of chili that the battaglias fed me earlier tonight. you know, the one I topped off with red hot and cheese and chased with a beer and a coffee.

SO worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you're pregnant?