Tuesday, January 25, 2005

a little soft-shoe

something, my friends, is a-foot. I feel like a heel for failing to toe this topic into the over-arch-ing light of the royal toybox, but now I know in my sole that mrs. b needs the time-killing power of the blog to get through her malady, so this post is dedicated to her broken foot.

(an extra ten points to anyone who could fit "ankle" in there somewhere...)

Happy Lucky Funtimes Activity Book for Foot Patient:

So, you've gone and broken your foot. Congratulations, my friend, you've earned yourself what will inevitably feel like ten years of bed rest... But we here at the Royal Toybox (in cooperation with Happy Lucky Funtimes publishing) are here to help you pass the time. Try these fun games and you'll be back up and parading in no time!

Word Jumble:

Fun Facts:
4. Early Mediterranean civilizations considered the foot the most sacred of body parts, which you can see by how they decided to shape Italy.
5. A "baker's foot" is actually 13 inches long.

6. "Determined to stick to my {holiday} resolution, I {adverb} signed up for Irish Step Dance {plural noun} at the local college, {famous person's name} University. Thank {diety} I have two perfectly {adjective} feet!"

Word Search:
7. Can you find these words in the puzzle below?: sitting, napping, rest, get well

x x x x N x x x x x L
x x x x A x x x x L x
x MO R P H I N E x x
x x x E P x x W x x x
x x x S I T T I N G x
x x x T N E x x x x x
x x x x G x x x x x x

Can you find the bonus word???

1."foto" - it's french for photo.
2. "big toe" - occasionally used for balance
3. " ABDUCTOR HALLUCIS AND HALLUCIS BREVIS" - actually, they're spelled correctly, so this was a freebie. way to go!
4. I totally made this up.
5. made this up too, but it makes sense, yeah?

so there you have it! I'm sure the last three or four hours you spent in the "Happy Lucky Funtimes Activity Book for Foot Patient" went by quickly, and no doubt your tootsie's feeling world's better! make sure to pick up the next edition, where I'll have more games, puzzles and
brain teasers.

and maybe even a few more bad foot puns to boot.


Alex said...

You should know I laughed right out loud at this. Right out loud, I say.

Garvey said...

thanks for the big ups. if nothing else, I'm pretty good at cashing in on my friends' misfortunes.

Anonymous said...

#4 was a manfact?!

Garvey said...

ah, the "manfact". that may deserve a post all its own.