Friday, January 07, 2005

mr garvey goes to washington

ed. note: I wrote this post on monday morning, while waiting for my flight to washington dc. unfortunately, dc has exactly zero wireless hubs, so I wasn't able to log on until now. yup, even though I’ve been home since tuesday, I haven’t been able to update the toybox until now because I’ve been out of town. live in that logical conundrum.

the plane is still on the ground, but I’m already in another world: the wonderful and mysterious land of Beeyen Ai-ay. here, people travel by foot (from one gate to the next, from the gift shop to the shoe-shine guy, etc.) but that's expedited by moving sidewalks. the man's mall will most certainly have moving sidewalks. this land has its own value of money (the US dollar has fallen against it, evidently), its own health care system (band-aids and dramamine are available at the news stand) and an extremely thorough Department of Shoe Inspection.

today, I’m playing the part of american citizen and flying to our nation's capital. this, by the way, is awesome. I love the idea of america. I love this country, and though the current administration and I are hardly the best of friends, I am and forever will be a yank patriot.

that said, I feel downright honored because tomorrow I get to put on my sunday best and attend a congressional inauguration. how cool is that? I feel like norman rockwell should paint me! I feel like a school house rock cartoon might be in order! I feel like another $7 coffee before my flight takes off, so I’m going to cut this off here. damned capitalism.

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