Monday, January 10, 2005

stop by oliver's if you don't believe me

I am proud of all my sibs, but my mind has been drawn more and more to cecilia and her adventure as a pastry chef lately. I’m downright envious.

no, it isn’t that I want to be a cook – but if iron chef ever decides to do a “cereal” episode, I would rule supreme – it’s more that she made the leap of faith and is actually heading towards her dream job. don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like I’m going into a career that I hate, in fact I’m following my dream job too, but c is going to be an artist, and has figured out how to make money at it.

I was an actor for a while. I wasn’t too bad at it, but I think most of my success was due to the right-place-right-time factor. I moved to chicago after graduation to give it an honest shot, but didn’t get much farther than community theatre. hey, I tried and decided the career wasn’t for me. it turned out the dream I wanted – a family, a house, two cats in the yard, etc. – proved too strong, and simply unattainable as an actor. and I knew I wasn’t done with my education yet, so I came back to buffalo and here I am.

but cecilia has her head on straight, is working her ass off, and is going to become a world-famous chef because she’s too good not to.

and in the meantime, she’s making me a wedding cake for free, which is awesome.

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