Thursday, January 27, 2005

take my firewall... please.

ha ha! ya got me! good one, buddy! you, my friend, are the King of Internet Pranks! that virus you sired and left for me to stumble on is akin to a comical pie in the face! a squirt from a fake flower! an e-whoopee cushion we can all laugh about, even me, the unassuming target of your clever monkeyshines! you rascal, you!

oh-ho, but the joke is on you now! yes, you got me first - I’ll be jiggered if I know how, but you certainly succeeded in infecting my pc with your little ruse, but see how quickly the tables turn?

see how I run my virus-catcher? maybe I’ll even have to download a patch or take yet another half hour, following my help-desk's instructions. but at the end of the day, the disappearing ink has evaporated! my hand has stopped stinging from your cyber-joybuzzer! my desktop has been scrubbed clean and I can stand up walk away!

cue up the rim shot, 'cause here's the punch line: I can run symantec. you'll always be a clown.

bravo, bozo.

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