Saturday, February 05, 2005

the 23,491st attempt didn't work, so...

my life (technology-wise) over the last few days has moved to the rhythm and success rate of a wile-e-coyote cartoon. not since the ACME catalog has a book seen its reader shout “maybe this will work!” and then rush off to fail more miserably than my dell user’s manual. as of this writing, I’m attempting Computer Fix No. 23,492, involving a brand new external hard drive, an operating system restore disk, and a pair of roller skates with rockets on them.

in other news, while I’m waiting for said fix to run its course, I’m killing some time and flipping through the channels. a) Good God Almighty, where did modern civilization go wrong to deserve cartoons that suck so hard? on a saturday morning, no less! b) vh1 is playing videos, real, honest-to-goodness music videos. the lead singer of keane looks nothing like I expected. kind of like someone superimposed a baby’s head onto a grown man’s body. still, I’m a big fan. c) looks like vin diesel is doing a remake of mr. nanny. time for a new agent, huh riddick? d) I’ve never hated good charlotte, but I’m downright surprised by how much I like “I just wanna live”.

okay, I’ve left the pyramid of bird seed sitting on the earthquake pills long enough. I’m sure this time it’ll work. after all, I am a super genius.

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