Wednesday, February 16, 2005

bad with the good

it's been a crappy week, and bettman just cancelled christmas. I mean, hockey.

mind if I phone it in today? good. thanks. I’ll try to be more entertaining later. today you get a what's-goin'-on, bring-you-up-to-speed, let-me-'splain-no-there-is-too-much-let-me-sum-up post.

at the moment, I’m doing okay. the end of last week opened the blue-funk flood gates and I’m still trying to scrub the remaining flecks of depression from the corners of my psyche. then again, I think reveling in a pissy mood once in a while does a boy a lot of good, so I’m taking my time. kind of like letting a battery run all the way down before recharging it.

and really, that's all it is: a bad mood. I’m not dead. I’m not dying. I have friends and I have family (and someone from one group is still going to move to the other group in five months). really, the only thing that happened is that the school said "maybe" instead of "yes". they didn't even say "no". buck up, little camper.

the rest of my weekend was actually really good, and I apologize to everyone involved for being a debbie downer. mom (who no longer reads my blog, but will walk through fire to help me renew my passport) came home from vay-kay, so dad made this braised kobe beef dish in truffle essence that definitely started the up battery-recharging process. and the fat-cell-multiplication process.

this just in: first, read this gem from the royal toybox archives, and then check this out. that’s right, my friends – I’ve been published! how appropriate for today’s post, huh?

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Esther said...

The new dictionary is here! The new dictionary is here! You're *someone* Navin!