Monday, February 28, 2005

the competition post

the last four days have been a whirlwind of competition, including bar games, digital pets, baked goods, feuding professors, and soup.

you can understand why I’ve been lax in posting. here’s a quick run-down of the finer points:

when you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas, and when you play father to seven infants, you wake up with a head cold. I felt like exponential death on thursday and most of friday; the pounding of my noggin was interrupted only by the laughter of seven babies clothed in fisher price’s finest. well, maybe I imagined that. what I didn’t imagine (whoa, segue) was the kindness of friends and family who souped me up good. lisa made me chicken noodle, mom made me beef barley, uncle neil called from wegmans offering to bring me whatever bisque they had on hand, and jess brought me chicken and rice (lexicon brought me ninja gaiden). technically, the soups weren’t competing since I ate them all, but it doesn’t really fit into the theme of the post otherwise.

ah, neopoets. good God, did I really need something else to occupy my time? that said, my mynci will kick anyone’s ass. bring it.

lisa made and entered “Stacked Irish Delight”, a pancake and bailey’s dish, into what will become an annual bake-off among our friends. at least I hope it remains annual. it’ll be about a year before I can look at another lemon square.

I’m proctoring for one of my favorite profs again this semester, which included a midterm this past friday. UB decided to put the same miscreants who are in charge of the print queue in charge of booking the lecture halls, and has seen about the same success rate. I (and 92 undergrads) just about had to throw down friday night because of some scheduling snafu that put two midterms in one room. luckily, it didn’t come to fisticuffs, but I will say I was more than prepared to kick a little chemistry major ass if they got any further up in our grill. and my poli-sci undergrad posse had my back. woot!

finally, mike garvey is an inter-state DART CHAMPION. Well, okay, I was one of eight players on the buffalo team, but since I happened to throw the last bullseye, I got to be da man for a few sweet minutes. I went on to suck it up in the horseshoe round, so the fame was fleeting, but buffalo won the overall championship. and thus, for one more reason, ohio sucks.

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