Wednesday, February 09, 2005

deus ex ipaqina

I wrote an epilogue to my computer woes yesterday, but it was pretty dry and actually contained yet another "joe cocker is alive" joke. I think I've sufficiently made my point on both these fronts, so here's a quick update, and then I promise I'll move on:

my desktop - believe it or not, it's working quite well. it took a lot of time and sweat, but the ol' girl is almost back to full health. the system reformatting made such a difference, in fact, I may try it on my ailing laptop.
the virus - gone, so far as I can tell. I'm still sticking to firefox, just to be safe.
the external drive - I decided on an iomega, mostly because it was on sale, partly out of brand recognition. it has earned every penny I spent on it.

I was trying to reinstall the software for my ipaq when I discovered yet another way this thing may be the coolest toy ever. I swear, if my ipaq ever applies for a job as the Deus Ex Machina, its only real competition will either come with a phoenix feather in it, or be the junior woodchuck's guidebook. and since neither of those come with solitaire, I think the ipaq would win.

anyway, it turns out Mr. Ipaq can double as Mr. Universal Remote Control, which is so awesome, it made me laugh mad-scientist style. I quickly ran to my living room, turned on the tv, turned off the tv, turned on the vcr, turned off the vcr, turned on the dvd player, turned off the dvd player, and then basked in the glow of the many, many options that had just opened up to me.

1. I can now turn on and off my tv.
2. I can now turn on and off my vcr.
3. I can now turn on and off my dvd player.
all with a single bulky, two-handed, jack-of-all-trades: my ipaq.

oh, things are going to start happening to me now...

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