Sunday, February 20, 2005

don't confuse your stomach with your heart.

had a loverly meal of chinese food and oranges last night with the b-tags, and my fortune cookie, in all its wisdom, said:

“do not desire what you do not need.”

pfthftht…I mean, I certainly didn’t need to gorge myself on sweet and sour chicken, so, bad marketing on the restaurant’s part, right? and damned if I’ll be lectured about materialism by a delicious cookie. I’ve gotten this far in life by desiring pretty much everything I don’t need, and I’m doing just fine, thank you very much.

case in point: I decided to put in for some “good boyfriend” points and went over to visit lisa while she was babysitting. the babysat’s family had 900 channels of premium cable, but for the life of us, we couldn’t find the remote. now, I’m old enough to remember a time before squeezable ketchup, and I’m old enough to remember a time before remote controls, and I’ll tell you this much, young’ns: life is better now because some genius desired what others said (s)he didn’t really need, and now we have ketchup bottles that won’t break your floor boards if you drop them, and enough remotes to never have to leave the couch, ever.

unless you lose the main one, that is. so lisa and I suffered through channel after channel of insipid post-prime time programming, and finally decided the effort of getting up and changing the station was greater than the effort of watching bad TV. until I remembered that I had my portable cure-all, the ipaq, which doubles as a universal remote.

so you see, fortune cookie, and all others who poo poo my desire for things I do not need, I’m doing just fine. and… well… I’d have more of a point to my story, but I’m too busy shopping for camera phones online. I mean, how have I survived this long without one?


mjg said...

desire to acquire things other people think you don't need is what drives the entire civilization. although most examples are material, this concept also encompasses more ephemeral goods. keep up the good work. Dad

Garvey said...

thanks for the kind words, oh pater familias.
in other news, it turns out dad reads my blog, neener neener.