Monday, February 14, 2005

I choo-choo-choose you!

had a bittersweet weekend, the high point featuring a chunk of kobe beef you could take a bath in, and the low point featuring that letter from UB Law.

luckily for you, I don't feel much like talking about either (the beef was beyond words, and the letter... well, let's just say the glass is more than half empty right now) so to save me the trouble of coming up with something interesting, and in honor of st. valentines day, I asked my friend stephanie to chime in on being a single gal in today's topsy turvy world.

here's what she said:

“So despite the lack of any man in my life at the moment (no, I am not bitter), I chose to celebrate the occasion and wear pink today. After all, I should be happy for all those in love. Even though this particular holiday tends to shatter the mere ounce of self worth that I have been trying to hang on to these past few months. However, as a young (sort of) single woman trying to find the man of her dreams, I have to put my faith in the fact that this day is situational. People fall in and, yes, out of love everyday. The hardest part is when you’re still in love with someone on this day that is no longer with you. Yep – that’s the clincher. Don’t men realize that we want to be rescued? Why do you think we watch Lifetime all the time? These women are being RESCUED! Buck up, men. You can do it. So, if you’re reading Michael’s blog today and you are still missing that certain someone – please swallow the pride, get some flowers and a bottle of wine, and rescue her!”

so there you have it boys. according to stephanie, men should just let the woman make the first move. take steph’s advice - try sitting back and watching a lifetime of james bond movies and people will fall in love you every day and rescue you with a pride of wine. and wear pink. anyway, I think that’s what she was getting at.

now, who should I get to write for me on st. pat’s?

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Anonymous said...

it says BEE and there's a BEE ON IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Valentines Day is about chocolate - not love. There are a lot of people missing the boat on this one. The real celebration starts on January 15th when all the heart shaped chocolates are half price.

Anonymous said...

Your interpretation of Stephanie's emotional plea speaks volumes. Weren't you in a lifetime movie once?