Tuesday, February 22, 2005

my phone rings to the tune of "I hate everything in the world"


I just spent the better part of an hour and a half at the capen (undergrad) library, printing out the 15 documents my marketing research prof has marked as "required for class". my first instinct is to write about this teacher whose idea of a required print-out is 300 pages (literally) of clipart. my second instinct is to write about the computer labs on campus that either charge a nickel a page (and only occasionally work) or are free but insist that my print-outs queue up behind the 75 UB adolescents who desperately need mobile ring-tone documentation (and only occasionally work).

your instinct (and you're probably right, you're always right) is that my foul mood is just indicative of my general hatred of UB at the moment. true true. but even if they sent me an acceptance letter and a full scholarship, I'd still bitch about print queues.


Alex said...

There's just no excuse for print queues these days. PDF, man.

Scott said...

Can't the handy ipaq solve this quandry?

Garvey said...

surprisingly, no. I bring both my laptop and my ipaq to class, and yet my old-fashioned prof insists that I have binders of these paper ppt presentations at the ready for each lecture.

now if he insisted we bring universal remotes to class... well!