Monday, February 21, 2005

so, who wants a postcard from italy?

lisa and I have officially reserved our hotel rooms in florence, siena, and rome. we're going to milan as well, with a day trip to geneva, but we'll be staying with a battaglia family friend while there. we spent a little more than I’d planned on our sienese hotel, and a lot more on our room in rome, but that just means I’ll have to sacrifice one or two of my twelve daily gelatos to make up for it. right, right.

the trip to milan/geneva is a recent addition to our itinerary, and was included because we decided to forgo our genealogy-driven trip through sicily. evidently, milan may be the fashion capital of the world (and really, that should be enough for michael j garvey), but it's also home to very close friends of lisa's maternal grandpop. they're taking us to a museum that houses both da vinci's original models, which is awesome, and the car in which franz ferdinand was assassinated, which is awesomer.

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