Tuesday, February 08, 2005

the virus saga: concluded (God willing)

just a quick note to let you know I’m still fighting the good fight. sorry I haven’t updated on a very regular basis lately, but most of my computer time has been taken up by whatever evil my desktop has been experiencing.

this weekend, I did the unthinkable. I gathered my important files, two by two, onto a brand spanking new external hard drive, and let loose the cleansing waters of the Operating System Re-Install disk. yup, I started clean – reformatted my hard drive, and then spent the lion’s share of my weekend re-installing everything.

industries grow complacent when they lack viable competition. sure, customer desire drives quality/price to an extent, but if a company has a good-thing-goin’, why should it bother to build a better product at a lower price? I know I’m not saying anything all the other anti-microsoft/IBM/dell/etc revolutionaries haven’t already beaten into the ground, but a turnaround is inevitable. the industry standard in the pc world sucks. it isn’t user-friendly. it isn’t inviting. it’s downright counterproductive at times. and as much as it has already revolutionized the world, it isn’t giving the public at large what it wants, now.

ford was a god until toyota came along. a cheaper, more reliable car showed the masses that it didn’t have to settle for the status quo in automobiles.

so, yeah, now that Technological Corporate Universe (the “man”) has gotten the ol’ vote of no confidence from the toybox, I’d better get back to helping the remaining animals off the arc.

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