Wednesday, February 02, 2005

the virus saga continues

bad news, everyone. my computer has gone over to the dark side. or maybe it was born evil... birthed from the fiery pits of Dell.

remember this? well, it seems that virus, if it is a virus, isn't as easy to shake off as I thought it was going to be. I currently have four different programs running on my computer that search out and destroy viruses, spyware, trojans, etc., but the damned thing persists.

I'll let you in on a weird little idiosyncrasy of mine: I like computer bugs. maybe it has to do with my war on inanimate objects, but I love running ad-aware daily, sniping malware from my computer, and brushing clean my precious hard drives.

but this one has me stumped. I was on the horn with dell tech services for an hour and a half, and after all that, I'm not entirely convinced that those hellions didn't construct this virus themselves. they certainly weren't very eager to help me fix anything.

here are the symptoms:
-Internet Explorer works maybe 10% of the time. it freezes up, effectively blocking any other program (firefox, aol, aim, rhapsody, etc.) from getting onto the internet.
-just in general, everything has slowed down
-my recycling bin constantly believes it has 12 items in it. even if I empty it, the icon still appears "full". if I delete an item, let's say an mp3, it will not be moved to the recycling bin, but rather simply disappear into the ether.

so... you're smart; you've gotten this far in life. you read the toybox, so you must have at least a basic appreciation for this high-falutin' internet technology nonsense.

any ideas?

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