Thursday, February 17, 2005

would you like to shoot me now, or wait until you get back from outerspace?

I know bitching about cartoons is usually my brand of liquor, but I think I’ll leave this one alone for now. blanc, clampett, freeling, et al are no doubt spinning in their graves, calling to me from the ether to tear into this monstrosity, but two things are stopping me.
  1. the WB animation studio, when given the time and motivation, has put out some good stuff before: the batman series, animaniacs, freekazoid, teen titans, to name a few. I cannot imagine a single situation in which mutating the corner-stones of modern cartooning to this degree would be a “good thing”, but I’m willing to give them a chance if for no other reason than it isn’t yet another playing card-based import.
  2. me discussing the bugs dynasty and/or legacy is akin to keanu playing hamlet. you know his heart’s in the right place, but at the end of the day, he’s just a big fan, not a scholar on the subject. I’m hoping someone with a little more expertise (maybe someone who wrote a term paper on it, hint hint) will give the topic the informed attention that it deserves.

update: here's the fark thread on the subject. there's a pic of the "re-imagined" Buzz Bunny about 16 posts down. ugh, indeed.

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