Monday, March 28, 2005

failure to write good

-I'll have to find a surgeon to fix the fingers I repeatedly broke by punching a wall.
-I'll have donated billions to the city of buffalo.
-lisa will either leave me or have me committed.
-I'll be on a first name basis with my street's traffic cop, and it probably won't be "rita".
-a lame blog post.

-my millionth parking ticket (for failing to switch street sides for no apparent reason).

in other news, happy dingus day everyone. I hope your easter weekend was fun, or if you don't celebrate easter, I hope someone shared some pastel m&ms with you. mmm... liiiight greeeen...

my whole weekend was good-times. I got to catch up with my local pals on two different occasions, and a couple of out-of-town pals once. (and all the while, I was drinking guinness. mmm... daaaaark beeer...)

my easter basket search took me first to lisa's church where a bunch of cambodians converted and joined the buffalo-catholic melting pot. then I ate my face off with lisa's family for easter brunch, and then ate my face off again for dinner with my parents.

and there was certainly ample eaten-face style snacking throughout the day. I even helped lisa make the brusc... the brooshett... the brusceh... the fancy tomato toast.

last night, between feeling full and watching the carnivale season finale (mmmm... theo-symbolic HBO oriiiiiiginals starring john connor from T3 and lex luthor from the superman caaartoooooon...), I answered emails from professor h's students. man I don't know how full-fledged TA's do it. I'm only a "grading assistant", and the temptation to scream obscenities at these undergrads is astounding. tom, who was given the herculean task of being my chem TA in college, made it look easy.

by the way, I'm sparing you all from a mike garvey original piece of fictional literature. I was recently inspired to take my own advice and write a story from scratch. beginning, middle, end, and all that. you know how sometimes you're trying to build a castle out of legos, but when you finish you've somehow made a really cool spaceship? that's kind of what happened. I started writing a fun little short story, but ended up creating a steaming pile of poo. I'll try adding a zack braff-esque soundtrack and let you know if that helps.


Alex said...

Tom makes everything look easy. It's because he's better than everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Camaroon is not in Cambodia. But thats not really important, unless you're from Camaroon.

Garvey said...

I knew it was one of those two. or canada.

Tom said...

You must have linked the wrong "tom" because nothing that has been said here applies to me.

All I did while TA'ing was try not to let my own ignorance shine through too brightly.