Friday, March 11, 2005

I wasn't sleeping, I was mentally digesting, quiet-like

one of my favorite twain quotes: “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.”

granted, it’s not as useful as a clavin quote, but what twain said has always given justification to an even balance of homework and non-homework. studying hard for a degree and reading a book for leisure. going to class and getting drunk.

unfortunately, mr. clemens never said anything that would justify my college career, which I would tell you about if I could remember. somehow, though, I left canisius with both a degree and a broader understanding of the world and myself, so the balance must have existed in there somewhere. schooling, check. education, check.

but therein festers my biggest problem with the mba program. I’m more gung-ho about getting good grades now than I ever was in college, but today the balancing act isn’t between school-life and life-life, it’s between grade-life and lecture-life. not all of my classes are so dry – some of them have been truly gratifying – but it seems that most of the courses that I’m taking today have me choosing between sitting through a lecture taken directly from a text book, or going to the library and working on the term project. I can either spend that hour and twenty minutes taking notes I already have, or I can get an hour and twenty minute’s worth of work done on a paper or a project or whathaveyou.

and it’s with this in mind, my friends, that I’ve dropped the yolk of both studying and attending lecture from now until monday the 21st. after that, the war will wage on, and I’ll have to suffer first through a classroom discussion and then through hardcore library time. but until then, I bought me some guinness, I’m listening to lemon jelly, I’m reading for leisure, I’m on vacation.

the schooling’s on hold for a week… let the education commence.

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