Monday, March 14, 2005

idle hands are the N64's playthings

just a few points to bring you all up to speed:

spring break is progressing quite nicely. all told, I’ve had 9 beers, bought one pair of new kicks, downloaded four episodes of justice league unlimited, played six different video games on four different systems, and read more blog than I’d care to admit. check out all thangs funky for some good ol’ fashioned time-wasting.

I just finished watching “win a date with tad hamilton!” which at the same time a) blew b) made me laugh c) stole the every-song-on-the-car-radio-is-about-breaking-up bit from “better off dead” and d) made me feel a little better about kate bosworth playing lois lane.

tomorrow is the ides of march. that’s bad. tomorrow is also the day The Incredibles is released on dvd. that’s good. esther gave me an amazon gift certificate, so my order has already been placed. that’s oh so good.

lisa and I hit the road tomorrow morning, due north to toronto, and then on to chicago the day after. hoo-boy, we will eat well. remember my culinary genius? I hope to hone my skills here.

carnivale is a drug to which I am thoroughly addicted.

I’ll try to check in over the week between deep dish pizzas, but that might be tough considering how touch-and-go blogger has been lately. oh well, the price is right.

have a good week, gang.

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