Thursday, March 24, 2005


happy holy week everyone. just think: only a few more days before you can once again indulge in cookies, soda, porn, or whatever vice you sacrificed for Lent ’05.

if, I should say, you did give anything up. you heathen. I guess I should also say I didn’t give anything up either, by the way. so we’ll see each other in hell, right?

maybe, maybe not. the catholic church and I have been at odds over this kind of stuff since I was old enough to stay awake through sunday service without a baggie of cheerios. do I believe in God? you bet. do I consider myself a catholic? I’ve got the money sized confirmation cards to prove it. do I go to church every sunday? I try. do I eat meat on fridays in lent? not unless it’s a special event. or that’s all there is. or if it’ll go bad otherwise. or if I’m sick. or if I’m in another area code.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a rainy day church-goer. I’ve only read parts of the bible, I can’t recite the apostle’s creed without a crib sheet, and I think homosexuality is about as much of a sin as failing to cross yourself when walking past a cemetery. so when I’m taught to behave according to the traditions of the church, I’m usually amenable because I really don’t have any reason not to be (“What? You want me to light a candle every Sunday in advent?!? I refuse on principle!”) but I’m also not going to get bent out of shape if I foul that up somehow.

which, truthfully, is what happened this year. instead of giving something up, I decided I’d volunteer for something. (hey, it works, right? I’m sacrificing “time”.) so I signed up to show kids how to write resumes and cover letters, and I was all set to teach this course when a guy from HSBC swooped in and took my job. oh well. hopefully, St. Peter gives out partial credit.

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Esther said...

We must be related - I figured since i've already given up all the good stuff for being pregnant I've got lent covered.